Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't Mess with the Grill Chick - Love This Saucy Little BBQ Princess

I keep getting emails asking me to do grilling videos. OK. I know that is the "in" thing to do.

But . . .

I am a griller - not an actress.

Then there are the tech issues. I do have The Flip video camera which is cute and cool, but there's no microphone jack for outdoors. I'd need a tripod as well or a regular crew here to do the tech end if I did the talent part or vice versa. And, I would need to learn the editing software and probably upgrade for the really good stuff on video editing.

So, yes, I have been draggin my feet, although I may tackle the online video thing this summer if I can free up a little time. Then, I may or may not do grilling videos.

So, I can sure relate to this little spunky little grill chick featured by Celebrity Grill (who does a great grill podcast). I feel her window slamming and understand. She is making magic on her grill - not hamming for the camera. Go Hannah Grace. I feel you baby!

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meathenge said...


Oh criminy, yeah. I considered the same thing a little over a year ago for my blog. I'd just purchased my first mac and considering how they've been advertised over the last 25 years, figured "It'd just work!". Uh, nope. Noodle in, Noodle out. I wish upon you success in your endeavors!

xo, Biggles