Monday, July 17, 2006

Barbecue from "Across the Pond"

I just got a copy of "The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World" in my mailbox today. Linda sent that over from London. She works with some other women with Passionate Media. They juggle families and kids and scratch that book/writing itch, and my hat is off to them. My fellows are up bigger now, but I sure remember what it was like to have little ones on my hip when writing.

I'm looking forward to digging in on the book before I go to sleep tonight. I love books and especially cooking books.

Unfortunately, a lot of BBQ books out there are pretty lame. "The Barbecue Bible" by Raichlen is quite popular, but I found it to be a jumble. I shifted gears and went with something "down home." Ruby Ann's Trailer Park barbecue book was just silly. I really hated that I put my money out for that one.

"Peace, Love and Barbecue" is a winner, but it's much more about smoking than grilling. If you do want to smoke up some meat, then give that one a look. The info is terrific, and the stories are wonderful. That one gets a big thumbs up.

I'll keep reading que books and let everyone know what I think. I hate to waste money on books that sit on the shelf, and I know others do too. On the other hand, a great book can help tons when you're out in the yard and trying to cook up some good grub.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi, many thanks. Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for your kind words re managing the demands of a family with a business, it's sure not easy and I am feeling a bit washed out today!

CA said...

Hi Linda!

Yep. The book was really good. And, I'm a tough critic.

I hope I never forget how hard it is with little ones. The joys outweigh it, but there is no doubt that kids take loads of time and love.

It does get easier. There are "big kid" issues, but it's not as intense as when they depend on you for everything.