Saturday, October 04, 2008

Guys Thank Me for Cook Out with UNC Signs - Take 1, 2, 3

Working on the Letters for UNC. That's the Hard One to Make.

First Try on UNC Signs. Hum. Something Not Quite Right About That "C."

Go UNC. The Guys Get It Down - More or Less.

Messing Around After the Cook Out . . .

I grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs today to celebrate my son being home from UNC for the first visit since he headed up there in August. He invited his buddies over, and we had a great cook out. Simple. But fun.

After the cook out, the guys decided that they'd do the UNC signs for me. See. There are rewards to being the Grill Girl.

As you can see, they had a little trouble getting this all coordinated. These guys were never on the cheerleading squad as you may guess. They did work on it. After a few tries, they got UNC for me. Go guys!

Ironically (as you'll know if you're from North Carolina), I went to NC State. I just kid my son and tell him that I turned down Chapel Hill. That's the truth actually. I was accepted to both universities and selected State and engineering. Once I found out what engineers do, well . . . that's another story.

It's back to college for the kid tomorrow but a great weekend and fun memories.


Anonymous said...

Hi mom. Thanks for all the good food last weekend. It makes the food here seem terrible. I really like your site and the pic of my brother doing the c the wrong way. Thats a classic. I love you and cant wait for next week when i'll be home again

CA said...

Hey. You did find your Momma online. Love ya babe. See you next week. I'll make some more yummy food. Maybe it will be nice weather, and we can grill out some steaks. Study hard!