Saturday, March 28, 2009

And You Thought Barbecue Sauce Was Just For Eating

Barbecue Ribs Cooked on the Smokey Mountain Bullet.

We love barbeque sauce around here. We slather up our ribs and love boneless chicken breasts with various BBQ sauces. In fact, hunting for new barbecue sauces is one thing we enjoy doing when we're on vacation. There are loads of local favorites that aren't sold at the big box stores. Some of the unique barbecue sauses are sold at little stores and some are offered at flea markets.

This week we enjoyed Firefighters Barbecue Sauce. Chef Matt came up with that recipe, and proceeds go to help firefighters and their families. That makes the excellent, well-balanced sauce even more special. My boys gave it thumbs up, and I did do.

Another favorite que sauce around here is Stubbs Barbecue Sauce. We can get that one at Food Lion. For some reason, they put it on the bottom shelf. Bummer. Food Lion needs to get that up higher where people can find it.

While we eat our barbecue sauce, I found a guy who makes art with sauce. We just make a mess. This guy actually takes the sauced ribs and sauce and makes a deer. You've got to see it to believe it.

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