Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Annual Asheboro Chili Cook Off 2009 - Thumbs Up

Fun Time at the Asheboro, NC Chili Cook Off for All Ages

Chili Cooking and Smelling Like Heaven

Cowboy Dances and Dances - Might Want to Sign Him Up for the Band

Cooks Were Working Hard but Having a Great Time at the Asheboro Chili Cook Off

Turn Out the Lights - The Party's Over - Until Next Year - We Hope!

It's always fun but kind of hectic to be part of a FIRST ANNUAL anything. I was honored to be invited to judge at the first ever Asheboro, North Carolina Chili Cook Off.

Bryan, who owns the bagel shop in town where you will get the real deal, came up with this idea to have a Chili Cook Off. I doubt he knew what he was getting in to, because I've planned a big shebang, and it's a whale of a lot more work than anyone can imagine.

The chili cooks showed up way before I did, and I was early on at this party. I always allow a little time to get lost, since my internal compass is messed up. They told us North was ahead in school, so I have this idea that I'm always headed north which can complicate getting places - other than up north.

When I got to Asheboro, Southbound 49 was playing, and they were real crowd pleasers. The sound was country rock, and everyone from Grandma to the little ones were clapping or dancing.

All the chili cooks were sharing samples. With some competitions, you don't get that kind of atmosphere. It's more about winning and less about everyone having fun. In Asheboro, it was about a good time.

As a judge, I got to hang out in Bryan's Bagel Shop and meet the mayor and other local celebrities as well as getting to try all the chili dishes. That was not good for my diet but was a good time - for sure.

I sure hope they continue to has this small town festival. It was definately fun.

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