Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation Barbecue - Way to Go Shane - Catawba College

Happy Graduation Shane! And kudos to the Family as Well. It Takes a Team Effort to Accomplish Big Things.

First, I have to give a shout out to Shane. He's a co-worker and friend, and he just finsihed up his degree at Catawba College. That takes a lot of time and effort, and he did it at night.

To celebrate this big occasion, Shane hosted a huge cook out at his house. I must say that he knows how to throw a party. When there's a live band and a port-o-pot, then you know that someone knows what they're doing. This guy can put on a cook out!

A Thumbs Up to the Grill Guy!

Grill girl says this fellow knows his way around a grill. It's hard to crank out huge numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers. If he got any wrong, I sure didn't see them. Spot on with the grilling.

Great mega grill too. This one had two gas tanks. Yep. Two. And, as you can see, this grill is road ready with wheels also.

Was it Mom Who Hand Patted the Burgers?

I'm thinking Shane said that his Mom hand patted all those burgers. That's really the key to having yummy grilled hamburgers. It's not that much work for a family, but when you're doing it for a party, whew. Lots of patting. But, these were fabulous burgers.

I May Be Easily Amused, but I Thought the Night Light in the Port-o-John was Just Really Cool.

Shane and his family thought of everything for this big cook out. First, I don't know many people who remember that an extra bathroom really comes in handy. Second, I never did see a nightlight in the john. One tap - instant light. Very good for guys who may not have good aim I must say as the mother of boys.

Cyndi and the Boys Having a Super Time at the Cook Out.

I'm usually doing the grilling, so it was a treat to kick back and relax at Shane's party. We enjoyed the food, the band, and especially the company.

Enjoy more party photos at my Facebook page.

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