Monday, September 14, 2009

Rib Eye Steak on the Weber Kettle Grill with Steak Fries and Salad

The kid and I had an evening to ourselves, so I decided to toss some rib eye steaks on the Weber grill. Honestly, it's hard to beat a Weber 22 inch charcoal grill for taste, and Weber grills are very forgiving. You have more head space, good ventilation, and nice control with the top and bottom vents.

Some folks don't use charcoal, becauce it's harder to start, control, and to clean up the grill. But, if you buy a chimney starter, then you'll have red hot coals in less than 10 minutes. Honestly, I can't believe I ever DIDN'T use a chimney starter. As far as control, Weber grills are much easier to use than most, and almost everyone can master charcoal grilling with a Weber. Clean up on a gas grill can be rather messy too, although some models like the Big Red by Char Broil are self cleaning. Personally, I can deal with a little mess to get that great charcoal taste.

I grill our steaks to medium or a tad to medium well with the tips here in my Grilled Steak Guide. They turn out perfect every time. Well, I did burn the steaks once when I got sidetracked hanging clothes on the clothesline. Not a good plan - that. But, if I watch, even a little bit, I never have any problems with the Weber.

As for the steak fries, they can be done on the grill. They work best packed in tin foil with butter. Cheese can be added to for those who like cheese fries. But, I did these in the oven, since I was tired. They are the Food Lion brand French fries. I wasn't sure how they'd taste, but they were just as good as they look. I find a lot of the Food Lion brand products to be solid. We especially like the cubed hash browns grilled.

I cheated on the salad. Just bought a bag. Very easy. And, salad always goes great with steak.

It's often tempting to just heat up a pizza or something when it's just me and my 16-year-old, but a grilled steak dinner like this one doesn't take much longer than a heat and eat meal - and sure does taste better.


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