Monday, January 18, 2010

Be a Super Bowl Winner with Dean's Dips - Win Free Dip

The great folks at Dean's Dips are sponsoring a free dip contest for the Super Bowl XLIV here at Barbecue Master. Five contest winners get two free Dean's Dip coupons each - any flavors. YUM!

Flavor It Up with Dean's Dips

Eli and I had a Dean's Dip party last night with French Onion and Utz chips. French Onion is a terrific thick and creamy dip packed with flavor. My favorite Dean's Dip would have to be guacamole. It's perfect with my grilled nacho chips or for Seven Layer Dip.

There are a bunch of flavors to pick from with Dean's Dips, so it's neat to be able to pick your own favorite or try out something new for free. And, you can imagine it would not be too cool to mail you actual dip which needs to be kept chilled. So, the coupons let you get free dips of your choice (2 of them to each winner) and includes the 12 or 16 ounce sizes.

How to Enter to Win Free Dip

Scoring some free dip is much easier than making a touchdown at the Super Bowl XLIV. All you have to do is comment and leave me some way to get in contact if you are one of the five winners.

Simply post your favorite food to dip for entry.

And, you can Tweet this post and Facebook it (can do both) for an extra entry or entries in the prize pot. Bloggers can also post the contest info to get an additional chance. Just be sure to post that you tweeted or shared the deal with your Facebook buddies or blog friends, so I can add the extra entries.

And, the Dip Drawing is . . . Drum Roll BOOM BOOM BOOM

You can enter right through the end of the Super Bowl game (-: So have those laptops and cell phones handy.

Winners will be drawn the day after the Super Bowl XLIV (Monday February 8, 2010), since Momma does not stay up that late. You'd all love my Momma, and she's honest as the day is long. So, I'll be folding slips of paper, and this will be an old fashioned hat draw.

Good Luck and Pass the Word about This Super Yummy Super Bowl Contest!


chilly said...

O' this stuff is good eating! I dip almost anything like chips, french fries, chicken wings and even shrimp. lol

Your always getting into something good, makes me HUNGRY! LOL
Have a good week, Cyndi! :-D

And contact is nydog at yahoo dot com

chilly said...

O' boy, now this is some good snacking food. I love Dean's Dip and I dip almost anything in it, like chicken wings, shrimp, french fries, chips of all kinds. To many to list them all.

You making me HUNGRY, Cyndi! lol Your always getting into something good on your blog. :-D
Have a great week!

And you can contact me, nydog at yahoo dot com.

...tom... said...

We can haz dip..?? Free dip..!?!

My favorite thing to dip is pretzels. I like 'em anyway for the crunchy saltiness. Probably not as good for me as fresh veggies ...but definitely better than oily potato chips..!!

Thanks for yet another freebie contest Cyndi..!!


Alan Duda said...

I'm in on this contest: I'll dip celery sticks all day. Love that crunch and the plain-ish flavor of a celery stick usually lets the dip's flavor shine.

Leslie Denton said...

Hey! I love dipping pretty much everything, especially blue corn tortilla chips! Veggies and fruit are almost great as well. I really just love food in general! :)

You can catch up with me @ Cat!

Jen Trout said...

I love dipping tortilla chips they are my favorite!! I can eat them all day! I love them with homemade Guacamole!

Jen Trout

Lisa Carey said...

Yumm! Dean's is one of my favorite dips. What do I dip? Vegetables, chips, crackers, shrimp, and I use it as a spread too. There are several flavors and it's fun to find all the uses for them!

kyle said...

My favorite thing to dip would have to be tortilla chips with some fresh hot salsa! I could eat chips and dip for my whole meal. Thanks for the free giveaway!!

balujan31 said...

I like this post. I am follow you.

Unknown said...

I like fritos in dip.

Dangerous Dave Maxwell said...

I always love to dip Moinks!

Kelly Tirman said...

I am trying to figure out if there is anything I don't like dipping. Nope, pretty sure I dip everything.

...tom... said...

We can 'dip' the Colts.

Or put a fork in them . . .cuz either way ...they are done.

Congrats to the Saints, New Orleans, and all their fans. Well done.


Anonymous said...

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