Saturday, February 05, 2011

C-Dub's BBQ Rub Review - Lots of Flavor but Not Over the Top

Tonight we tried out C-Dub's regular BBQ rub on beef ribs. C-Dub also has a Voodoo version which is hot. My son prefers milder flavors, and we've set him on fire a couple of times over the last few days, so a milder night seemed to be in order.

I'm friends with C-Dub's at Facebook, and they contacted me about testing their new hot wing rub. They weren't kidding when they said hot on that one. It was in the Poppaw range, and he ate the hottest foods of anyone I know.

Along with the wing product, C-Dub's put in one nighter packs of the regular and Voodoo BBQ rubs. They are convenient packs good for a single meal. Since we only did one rack of ribs tonight, we didn't need the full pack, so I can try out C-Dub's on something else later.

C-Dub's BBQ rub is designed for any meat on the grill, but it's a good general rub that would also be fine for a lot of different dishes including grilled vegetables, French fries, chili and so on. If you need flavor and not over the top, then you're fine with C-Dub's original.

We had the barbecue rub on beef ribs. Since I had Open House today at the college, I was not on the Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet tonight. Jimmy did the honors, and this was his very first rack of beef ribs. He did a really nice job on those.

As far as the C-Dub's rub, it was terrific. It includes sugar, salt, and pepper which is pretty classic for a rub but also some infused garlic with organic spices and herbs. No. I can't tell you what spices and herbs. C-Dub would probably have to shoot me if I told. Plus, I don't know.

On the first bite, I picked up the traditional rub taste but then that lovely garlic kicked in. It's faint - not enough to throw the mix off balance and shift it away from the spirit of a BBQ rub but enough to set it apart from other rubs. Then, there are some other little back notes - perhaps some celery and cinnamon (not certain). C-Dub's regular has a slight kick but not a whole lot. It's the kind of barbecue rub that I could serve to any group from those who are flavor shy to gourmets.

My guess is that I'll favor the Voodoo rub, but I run in the medium-hot to hot range on my favorites most of the time. Most of my family members don't like quite as much heat, and my son is really a mild kind of guy (though his brother is a heat freak).

C-dub's is certainly a thumbs up - great complex flavors. I think the combo pack would be a good bet - try out both the regular and hot versions. I can say that the C-Dub's regular is excellent and good for any group, and I'll check back in on the Voodoo which smells similar but with a little more fire.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cyndi, a nice surprise to see this morning. Sorry about the wing rub being super hot! Thats all people have been asking for! I think you will like the VooDoo...brings the Original a nice kick without going over board!
The ribs look great! Nice blog-Alli

CA said...

We loved the rub. Very nice.

You may sell loads of the hot wing rub (-: I heard that telling folks it's super hot is kind of a challenge. Too hot for me. We'll see if others can handle that.

Garden Forum said...

How much is it?
Can I order this online?

Cdubs Rub said...

@Garden Forum:
We have it 2 places you can buy:
1) our website
2)Facebook under the Buy Now tab

CA said...

See the links in the first paragraph. They take you to the Cdub site where, yes, you can buy the barbecue rubs online.