Thursday, February 16, 2012

Healthy Grilled Chicken - Maxing the Flavor and Fun with Rooster Booster BBQ Rub

Boneless Skinless Grilled Chicken Kicking with Rooster Booster BBQ Rub

I like to grill boneless skinless chicken here, because I know that's healthy grilling. But, my guys are not going for cardboard. Nope. No takers here if the food is not tasty.

Fatb Oy, a good friend at Facebook, told me that he'd send me some Rooster Booster BBQ rub to check out. He's all about the bones and skin on chicken, so that was kind of a stretch to send his rub out to a picky blogger who may just grill whatever the heck she wants (-:

I should note that I run high to tri levels, so while I adore sinful food, I do rotate and may do a steak with a cream sauce followed by something that does not hit my food pyramid so hard.

Rooster Booster night was a favorite here with the boneless skinless chicken breasts which can be a disaster if not seasoned and if grilled too long. You can check out my grilling boneless skinless chicken breasts posts to get the general skills to do it right.

I put some olive oil on the chicken breasts and then sprinled on Rooster Booster. The smell was very nice. I was thinking and hoping this would be a good chicken evening. When it comes to chicken, it really does come down to what you put on them.

I rubbed my chicken with olive oil (although you can also use Pam spray) and sprinkled it with Rooster Booster dry BBQ rub and put it on the O gas grill.

Boneless Skinless Chicken on the O Grill with Rooster Booster

It only took a few minutes per side grilling the chicken, and I was glad since it was around 40 degrees outside. The nice smell made the cold grilling worth it, and I was hoping the chicken was going to taste as good as it smelled cooking.

Bingo. FatB Oy's Rooster Booster dry grill rub was spot on. It had a lot of flavor with a balance of seasonings, salt, and a bit of heat. Every bite was a pleasure. We could taste the chicken, but it had that extra kick needed for very basic chicken breasts.


Jim Stark said...

Thanks Grill Girl. I have to watch my Tris too so this is very handy. Does the chicken stay moist with just the rub? By the way, I am new to your blog and wonder what the O Grill is?


CA said...

Hi Jim,

Yes. The chicken was very moist. I rubbed it with a little olive oil. It's fine to spray on a bit of Pam. Then, don't overcook it. That's why most chicken is dry - cooked or grilled too long.

The O grill is a really neat portable model with a large grilling space. I added a link in the article and here is the O grill review link -

Chris said...

Nicely done chicken. I don't mind the breasts when cooked properly but like you said, they can be a disaster otherwise. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.