Saturday, June 02, 2012

CLR Grease Magnet - Makes Cleaning Grills Easier

Cyndi Cleaning PK Grill with CLR Grease Magnet - Garage Strength

Today I was grill cleaning, because I am going on a road trip. Nothing is worse than a dirty grill at home than a dirty one in the back of the truck that will not impress when you get to your destination. The guys tell me no one notices anyway (kind of like when I paint my toenails), but . . . really now . . . who wants to eat food off something that looks icky?

Paris sent me two free bottles of CLR Grease Magnet. She wanted to know if I'd like to try it out. I use CLR in the bathroom and kitchen here, since we have hard water. It's about the only thing that puts a dint in the white desposits that build up - even coming out of the shower head. So, I thought CLR for the grill would likely be a good product. I was hoping so anyway.

I've about wiped out a whole bottle just washing grates and drip pans and little things like that. It really does make clean up easier. With small grill items like I mentioned or with the grill wok, I soak the item down with CLR and let it rest a bit. Then, I wash it in the kitchen sink also with Dawn liquid which is all I ever use. The plumber told me to use that after my pipes kept getting stopped up. No major problems since I started doing that.

PK Grill Ready to Hit the Road and Looking Sharp

CLR did a great job on cleaning up my grill. It does cut the grease as intended. If you let a quarter of an inch of barbecue sauce and gunk build up on the grates or inside, then you need a knife or a hammer and chisel. Nothing is going to fix a real mess except some elbow grease and time. CLR helps on nasty grills and grates too, but it's best used shortly after a cook out. It may seem like a bother to clean up, but it's so nice the next time you're ready to grill, and it's clean and ready to go.

I recommend CLR Grease Magnet for grill clean ups. It's also advertised to pull grease up out of cement (if you let your grill drip on the drive) and asphalt, stone, granite. I've been busy cleaning grills, so I don't know about the floor clean up and other items, but I may give a squirt of two if I find something else greasy around here.

Here is what CLR looks like. If you're like me, a photo helps in finding products at the store.


Woodworkin' & Good Eats said...

Hey, thanks for the tip. I hate cleaning the grills. Connie helps with everything else but she thinks cleaning the grills should be my job, for some reason. Come on over and check out my latest post. (Something I made for my granddaughter) I'm a little bit proud of it. Steve :)

grilling time said...

nice prosposal.i believe it will make the cleaning of my grill easier.excellent job guys.

Apai said...

I read your blog, it's fantastic, you helped me solve my problem, cleaning my grill.. :D

apai said...

I had read your blog and it's fantastic, it helps me clean my grill thank you :D

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Unknown said...

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