Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goo Gone Passion Project - Do You Have What It Takes?

Goo Gone - Love the Grilling Version of Goo Gone

If you follow Barbecue Master or my Facebook page, then you may recall that I was part of the Goo Gone Passion Project. Now, you have a shot at being part of the Passion Project (really cool and fun - and details later).

Background on My Goo Gone Passion Experience

I think I was in the test group. I got an email asking if Goo Gone could send me something a little messed up. I'd just fix it up and blog about it.

Blogging is not my day job. I do that for fun. But, I try to work in people who take the time to send a personal email. In this case, I do know, use, and love the Goo Gone products. But, this is a grilling and barbecue blog. So, I said I'd help out IF it was barbecue related. I've not sold out, and I don't plan to. This blog is for the readers.

I was assured that the problem item would be in my passion area, so I said that I'd be OK with getting something of interest to my grilling and barbecue readers. I thought I'd be getting a sticky grill grate or pot - something like that. No problem. I like to help out when someone has a good product. I'm thinking a little something in a mailing bag. I often do small batch rubs or sauces just because I like to try new things and share.

Imagine my shock when a Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet (22.5 inch - the big one) was delivered to my back porch. I thought it must be a neighbor's order. But, no, my name was on there. The Goo Gone folks had smoked on the unit (sausages I think), and after I cleaned it up with Goo Gone, the premium Weber Bullet looked brand new - for real.

And, I can tell you that the smoker (our favorite now) gets a work out here. And, I can also say that Goo Gone Grill Spray really does make clean up so much easier.

So, What's Your Passion?

I wanted to update now, because Goo Gone is now taking entries for others who would like to work on a Passion Project. Maybe your passion is grilling, but you may be a weekend or holiday griller and have another passion. That's fine, because Goo Gone is not a barbecue project. It's about what you love and how Goo Gone might work for your area.

You can enter the Goo Gone Passion Project on Facebook. Again, it doesn't have to be grill or barbecue related, although I can tell you that you should try out the Goo Gone Grill Cleaner. It works great as I found out last year.

If you enter or if you are selected, let me know. I sure enjoyed being a part of the project and still can't believe they sent a smoker rather than a little grill tool or something. I also enjoyed reading the other Goo Gone Passion stories. They span all kinds of interest areas.

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Dione  Drabble said...

I love how you talk about passion. For me, grilling is more than just a hobby. That’s why I invest my time and resources in getting the right grilling materials, as well as the right skills. The combination of these two makes grilling a worthwhile and an exciting experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!