Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater by Jaccard - Fast Flavorful Steak

Checking out the SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater

Jimmy saw steaks on sale down at the IGA and decided to pick some up for dinner. Since this was a last minute idea, he thought he would try out the SpeedyPlus Marinater by Jaccard.

Todd had sent this out to see what I'd think about the time I got an eye socket infection, so I had not been feeling up to grilling for a few weeks. But with steaks on hand and the guys willing to pitch in, it seemed the perfect time to try out the fast marinater machine.

I don't guess I'd exactly call the SpeedyPlus Marinater a machine, although it does have a pump. It's more like a well made plastic container with a lid and tight latches. Then there is the pump to pull the air out of the pan and a little rubber piece that sucks in when the air is cleared out. This all, of course, made the marinade absorb quickly - like in five minutes or so. This is commercial level pressure according to the company.

 Getting Steaks Ready to Grill with SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater
Jimmy put the steaks in the SpeedyPlus and then added spicy Kraft Italian dressing, Worcestershire sauce, and McCormick lemon pepper. This is our easy, go-to marinade, because I always have these items on hand and because they do taste great on steak.
Pumping Things up with the Marinater from Jaccard
Once the lid was latched on, Jimmy pumped the red handle as you can see. The red dot to the side is the rubber type piece that inverts like an "innie" belly button (which it did).
This was the only part that was a little tricky. I double checked, but I could not find anything that screwed together to keep the pump from coming out of the cylinder. Being a guy, Jimmy kept going up to far and then having to line up again. Then, I tried. I did the same thing (and I'm obviously not a guy). So, I'm not 100% certain we did that part right, but it still worked (but had to be lined back up a few times).
Fire Up That Barbecue Grill - We're Ready to Grill and FAST
It took 10 minutes or so to start the charcoal, and Jimmy put the steaks straight on. They were clearly juicy and smelled wonderful. You can see below, although sadly I can't add smell online yet.  
Chuck Eye Steak on the Weber Kettle
One great feature on the marinater is that the top has a ridge or lip all around, so you can use that as a tray and not get raw meat juice on grilled steaks (which is not healthy). In fact, we did put the steaks on the top which worked great.
I was in the kitchen and missed getting a photo of the top, but that is a really nice idea and saves on washing so many dishes. We don't have a dishwasher, so I notice things like that.
The SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater worked really well. Even with the short time to get the last minute steaks on the grill, they had the full flavor that I get when I marinate for an hour or so. The marinater box is pretty and would look nice to take out to a cook out, and I really love the top doubling as the serving tray.

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Chris said...

I've got a similar product that came with our vacuum sealer. The pump would get frustrating if it keeps coming out like that but look at it this're burning off any calories before you eat, ha ha.