Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hammond's Pigs N' Taters Candy Bar - Bacon and Potato Chips in Chocolate

Hamond's Pigs N' Taters Candy Bar

I was at the local and only high end candy store around here The Candy Shop on Main in Salisbury, NC. A student had told me about them, and I was hooked after the first visit especially since they had sugar free candy and my fabulous step father is diabetic.  Now I can get him nice candy and not just bags at the grocery.

I am so nosy (part of a writer's genes). I was looking at what the guy in front of me had. He had a Hammond's Pigs N' Tators candy bar. Hum. I got up like real close. Yes. This was a candy bar with bacon and potato chips. Nirvana for a BBQ freak. I want that. Yes. I want that.

"Excuse me sir, where did you get that candy bar?" I asked.

He pointed over there, but he said he got the last one.

I was going to wrastle (that's wrestle if you're not from the south) for that last candy bar, but I sized him up at over six foot and decided I might not win. Truth be told, he was also about 20 years younger, so I knew I stood not a chance.

I considered crying, but I can't pull that off. OK. I'm not getting a Hammond's bacon and potato chip candy bar. I got some other good stuff to take my mind off missing the last one. Chocolate covered cherries distract me easily - especially when they are good ones.

So, now it's May, and I went in and BINGO. I got my candy bar - Hammond's Pigs N' Taters.

Yeah. It's good. The chips remind me just a tad of the candy bars with Rice Krispies (but a little less crunchy) and the bacon is a back note. Oh yeah. It's there. But, they did not mess up the milk chocolate with mush (which bacon can be - if done wrong).

This candy is a little big dryer than a solid milk chocolate, but the extra flavors max it out. It felt like I was at a cook out even though I was not.

I need to get another bar or two if that big old guy does not beat me to them. I think these Hammond's Pigs N' Taters candy bars would be very interesting used as the chocolate in S'mores. My mind is always going grill like that. 

The bacon and potato chip candy fun bars are neat after a grill out whether you grill them or not. The bacon and chips add extra layers of flavor that I really found interesting and yummy. I'm going with a thumbs up and licking my fingers.

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