Friday, February 05, 2016

Pendleton Barbecue Sauce - Yes That is Pendleton Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Pendleton Barbecue Sauce - Original and Hot/Spicy

I try not to read much about a barbecue sauce before I do a grill test. I like to see if I can catch the flavor layers without having read them.

It was cold outside, but I wanted to try out Pendleton's BBQ Sauce. I went with boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, because they grill fast. Good thing. If you look close, you will see it started snowing after I put the chicken on the O Grill.

Chicken Tenders with Pendleton Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

I popped the lid on the barbecue sauce, and the smell was fabulous. That does not always mean it's great grilled, but I had high hopes.

Since the chicken would grill quick, I lathered it in Pendleton's and put it right on a small gas grill. It only took a few minutes on each side.

Grilled Chicken with Oregon Growers and Pendelton sauce

Yes. The chicken looked yummy. And, YES, it was delicious. The original is great, but I lean to hot and spicy, so that was my favorite.  There are a number of other flavors too like Brown Sugar and Molasses from Pendleton.

There was one flavor I could not pinpoint, and it was a key flavor. I then went back to the information, and it was the Pendleton whiskey. Bam. I should have guessed that, but I've never had that brand whiskey which is aged in oak barrels using glacier-fed, spring water from Mt. Hood in Oregon. I'll have to see if they carry the whiskey around here, because it sure was a nice mix with barbecue sauce. I'm sure the whiskey would be very good based on the flavor it added to the sauce.

The Oregon Growers & Shippers sent me the barbecue sauce to see what I thought in exchange for an honest review (the only kind I do). They specialize in farm-direct products and have an award winning product line. Hood River Distillers produces the Pendleton Whiskey. They have a number of products in their line too.

I would recommend both sauces for almost anyone. The hot and spicy does have a kick, but I don't think it's too much for most people. If you really can't handle heat, then go for the original.


Unknown said...

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Biltong Recipes said...

Hi Grill Girl,

I like to marinade my chicken before i put it on the grill to, my favourite is sweet chilli sauce. It only takes a few minutes as we use boneless chicken thighs. It is delicious.

Hope you keep on grilling through the winter!