Saturday, October 10, 2020

Meat District - High Quality Grilling Foods Delivered to Your Front Porch


When I got in from town today, there was a package on my porch. It was a variety pack of grilling meats from Meat District. 

Getting meat by mail was originally a strange concept for me, but I'd been a mail order meat girl for more than a decade. With the pandemic locking things down this year, ordering home delivery certainly felt like a very good idea. And, I really enjoy trying out new companies and products. That's a hobby for me and dates back for years.

How was the packaging?

The packing on Meat District was quite nice. The meat was in a reusable grocery style bag with insulation and a zipper close top. The tote bag was in a large insulated bag and then a sturdy cardboard box. Very professional. Alan had put my order together. per an enclosed note, and thumbs up to him.

The real test on packing meat is how the meat travels. Everything was in perfect shape and frozen solid. I'm not sure how long the package was on the front porch, but I was pretty late getting home, so I'd say it was likely a few hours.  But - not a problem.

How about the meat?

There are a lot of meats that you can buy from Meat District. My box included beef patties, chicken wings, drumsticks, and thighs, tri tip, and pork tenderloin. 

I like to start with a variety pack, so I get an idea of a company's products. These packs were seasoned and sauced and ready to go right on the grill. They were not over packaged. That's nice, because I do not have much freezer space. 

How did Meat District measure up on the grill?

My first barbecue with Meat District was the saucy chicken legs. I just snipped the packaging bag with my kitchen shears and put the ready-to-cook legs on the hot grill after letting the meat thaw. You don't want to put frozen or cold meat on grill grates, or the meat will stick.

The chicken legs had plenty of seasoning and sauce and were very tasty. The taste was sweet with a little bit of zip and just all round nice. These would work for any group. The meat was tender and juicy and obviously good quality. Most products that taste good start with a quality base. 

Grilling Tips for Meat District

The meats from Meat District can be cooked on the stove or the grill. It's harder to find meats ready for the grill, so that's what I'd say to go with. If someone comes up (rain, late home from work) you could always shift gears.

With the sauce on the meats, it's easier and more likely that you will be successful if you use a grill that holds an even temperature. You can nail this on any grill, but gas grills and pellet grills would be the ones I'd say would work best for more grillers. I say this because the sugars in the seasonings and sauces can scorch very easily if you have a heat source that flares up. Usually I put sauce on the last five minutes when grilling, but these work fine if you can count on your heat being even and the fire not flaring. 

Final Thoughts on Meat District Meats

Meat District does an excellent job with their products, and the meats are nice for home or for sending as a gift.

Here in 2020 with the coronavirus making life strange, it's great that Meat District can get food to you reliably, in excellent condition, and quickly. One thing for sure - you do not want someone messing up your meat, and MD is spot on.

Where Meat District stands out is with convenience. The meats are prepared and ready to cook. No trying to figure out how to season and flavor. This is nice when you're rushed and also if you have not had much experience working with outdoor meats. 

We enjoyed our chicken legs from Meat District a lot, and I'll check back in with thoughts on their other products soon. 

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