Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grilled Hot Dogs - Easy and Fun - Good For New Barbecue Cooks

Hot Dogs - The Other Grilled Meat - Cheap and Easy

Don't let the high foods prices get you down or prevent you from grilling out or having a party. It's really about getting outdoors and having fun. Almost anything cooked on a grill is tasty.

If you keep an eye on the sales, you can get a pack of hot dog weiners for a buck or two. Buns run about the same.

Hot dogs are also a good starter grill item. They're basically cooked and only need to be heated (sausages may be cooked or uncooked - be sure to check). When hot dogs have grill marks and look sweaty, they're ready to eat.

Learn more about hot dogs and sausages Yes You Can Grill! and fire up the barbecue. Any day is a great day for a cook out.


Anonymous said...

I just read this post and agree with the cost of food ever increasing sausages make for a great BBQ meal. The only warning I must add though is always make sure they a cooked all the way through. Sausages are some of the easiest foods to undercook on a BBQ. Even if you have cooked them till they are black on the outside they can still be raw in the middle. I always stab mine with a fork in the middle allowing the heat to enter the middle helping them to cook all the way through.

CA said...

Right on target. Some of the sausages are cooked prior. Others are not. I have an article on that, but I'm waiting for the design work on before putting up more pieces. I can grill and write, but I was not so hot at Dreamweaver (-:

Thank you for visiting. Hope you'll come back often and also check out my new barbecue site when it's looking better - like this week or next.

Sarah said...

I find that if I boil the sausages (like bratwurst) before hand, they still cook up nice on the barbecue and I dont have to worry about them being undercooked!