Monday, February 11, 2008

Southern Pecan Pie Recipe

Here is the Yummy Pecan Pie I Made to Go with Smoked Barbecue Shoulder

We grew up with pecan trees in the yard, so we had pecan pies often. If mom was willing to make pies, all “the kids” were certainly willing to pick up and crack out the nuts. We went through a lot of nut crackers, and my dad kept buying new and improved crackers. As we grew up and moved out, he continued to crack out nuts with his various crackers. And, mom kept making pecan pies but mostly at holidays when the family headed back to visit.

There are loads of variations on the basic pecan recipe, but I’d say that I like the traditional southern recipe the best. It’s simply hard to improve on something so delicious.

Check out my Southern Pecan Pie at Yes You Can Cook. It's an easy pie recipe, and I include some tips in case you run into questions and/or problems.

Pecan pie is probably not the first dessert that comes to mind when you're grilling, but no one is going to complain. It's very tasty. Pecan pie is more traditional if you're smoking during the colder months or if you enjoy deep frying turkey outside.

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