Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Break out the Barbecue Grill for the Holidays

One of my friends, Make Over Momma, was asking for our favorite and most sinful holiday dishes.

I knew, of course, that I had to sing the praises of grilling or smoking over the holidays. As far as one specific grill recipe or smoker recipe, that would be a hard call. Everything just tastes better cooked outdoors as far as I'm concerned, and firing up the grill or smoker makes cooking fun even when it's cold outside. More and more people are discovering this, so year round grilling is getting more popular every year.

Smoking meats frees up kitchen space, so that's a double plus with large cuts like turkeys, hams, and barbecue shoulders. Those take up the whole oven, meaning that side dishes are hard to juggle along with holiday main dishes.

Men are more likely to grill or smoke, so ladies . . . hint . . . if you plan to include outdoor grilled holiday dishes, you're more likely to get help. Then again, more women are grilling and smoking these days, so it can be a nice break to take it outside and enjoy the crisp air. If the house is packed full of relatives, it can be a little peace and quiet too.

If family tradition calls for doing the holiday meal inside, then polar bear barbecue or grilling means a change of pace the days before or after the main holiday splurge. Stick some steaks on the grill or some crab legs, and give the leftovers a break for a meal. Or, if you want something inexpensive and tasty, grill some chicken and lather it with Alabama White Barbecue Sauce.


Nancy said...

Hey, Cyndi!
I love your blog and I grill almost everyday, year round, in Wilton, CT.I am also a huge fan of mayo,(almost embarrassingly so) so that Alabama White BBQ Sauce is getting a try TONIGHT!!!
Your neighbor at Open Sky,
Nancy Geaney

J.Q. Rose said...

Hey I'm gonna try the white bbq sauce. Never heard of this..I'll give you a report. We grill year round too. Really helps cause hubby is the griller supreme!!

CA said...

Hi ladies. Glad to find some more year round grilling fans.

That white barbecue sauce is really yummy. I often double the batch, so we have some for dipping on the table.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi,
Just happened across your site and appriciate your spirit towards year round grilling. That said you should join up with us crazies at: http://www.grillersindex.com/group/wintergrillin
We're having WAY too much fun!
Keep up the good work.
Dave Maxwell