Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perfect Flame Barbecue Grills - Recall - Fire Hazard

If you bought a Perfect Flame SLG series barbecue gas grill (sold only at Lowe's), double check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and also Health Canada.

There are around 663,000 of these dangerous grills out in the United States and 1,700 in Canada. The problem is that the burners break down and can cause the lids to catch on fire. They've have 40 reports on this problem and are requesting any other reports of problems.

Not all Perfect Flame grills are included, so do check with the government list and see if your Perfect Flame grill is one of the recalled units. If so, stop using it - of course. And, get in touch with Lowe's. These grills run $200 to $500 and are new grills.

It does pay to do your research when buying grills. Problems have been noted on the Perfect Flame grills on grill message boards which ship out of North Carolina but are made in China.

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