Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gourmet Barbecue Sauces to Spice Up Your Life - Or Great for Hostess Gifts

I love to find great new barbecue sauces, and Melanie's Big Acres bbq sauces are just divine. Whew. I can't believe I just said "divine" on my blog, but that really does capture these gourmet sauces.

All Natural BBQ Sauces

I always like to see natural barbecue sauces. They just taste better. So, here is what Melanie says about her sauces:

"Absolutely no preservatives, MSG or corn syrup. Only the finest all natural ingredients are selected to bring customers a superior product."

And, yes you can taste the difference. The flavors are just fresh. No after taste and strange stuff like liquid smoke.

Not Your Typical Tomato Sauces

These are gourmet barbecue sauces, so you get much more interesting flavors than just tomato with a little heat.

Melanie has come up with Chipotle Maple BBQ, Chipotle Peanut, Ginger Teriyaki, Mango Peach Chile, Milagro Mole, and Rich & Mild BBQ. Yum. Even the names of the sauces make my mouth water.

Now, sure, I use bbq sauces from the grocery store. Always have some bottles on hand. But, I really love to get the small batch sauces (great ones anyway). Then, when I want a special dinner or have company, I can rock it out with something that stands apart. These bbq sauces definitely fit the bill and add some thrill.

Treat Yourself or Someone Special to Gourmet BBQ Sauce

I have added the complete six pack of Big Acres sauces to Yes You Can Grill OpenSky. That's my little barbecue store where I carry only my very favorite barbecue and grill products.

I like to pop open a bottle of Big Acres sauces every couple of weeks. Also, I find that these elegant and tasty sauce make great hostess gifts. It seems everyone brings wine these days. Then the hostess has to decide if the wine should be served or not. With special barbecue sauce, it's clear that the hostess gift is meant to be enjoyed later when the hostess has a chance to relax after hosting a nice party.

Melanie has some wonderful rub mixes too, and here is some chicken we put on the grill with her rub.


Barbecue recipe said...

The good thing about these sauces is that you can sort of mix it up a bit to really match your taste. I mean it's really a matter of personal preferences, so I think it's a good idea to make each sauce more personal. Involves a lot of experimenting and trials though!

CA said...

Yes. These barbecue sauces rock. It is great to have interesting flavors. Take chicken etc and add a wonderful bbq sauce, and you have a whole different experience.