Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grilled Pork Chops with Game Day Eats BBQ Sauce

This has been a rough week, but I wanted to crank up a grill and have a great dinner. I had some pork chops in the refrigerator and decided to turn on the Traeger and make some chops and sauce them down with Game Day Eats which is one of my favorite barbecue sauces.

I went with the Traeger grill, because it is so easy to use. You just turn it on, and then you chill out. No babysitting. The Traeger pellet grill holds even temperatures, so you just press the on button and select smoke, medium, or high and cook to times like you do with a home stove. It really does not get any easier with outdoor cooking.

I am a barbecue sauce nut. I could go broke with this sauce habit, but I would go broke happy.

Some nights I like to experiment with new barbecue sauces, but tonight I wanted a sure thing. And, I had some Game Day Eats bbq sauce in the refrigerator. There's no way to go wrong with that one. It has enough bite for me but not so much that my mild sauce son turns red in the face and runs for the water faucet.

Really I would say that Game Day Eats barbecue sauce is a super all purpose sauce, since it is robust but not over the top. It is fresh and has a wonderful kick but is not going to freak out any family or friends.

Here is the pork chop I ate tonight - smoked on the Traeger and sauced with Game Day Eats. It was a super easy grill night, since all I did was turn on the smoker and lather on some good sauce. I do more high maintenance meals, but it is hard to beat an easy and sure one especially if you are not clicking on all cylinders.


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CA said...

Thanks! Blog you enjoy my barbecue and grilling blog. I've been sick this week but feeling better. So, more barbecue talk to come (-: