Monday, June 07, 2010

Country Style Ribs and the New Char-Broil Memphis Rub and Sauce Too

This weekend I sent the guys to the store to get "something" to grill and to surprise me. And, I reminded them to look for sales, because it's not like we're rich except in what counts - family.

The boys picked up country style ribs. Those are not really ribs. They're cut kind of below and between other basic cuts so are sort of random cuts. Some will have bones and some not, but they are nice and meaty. The taste is more like pork chops but juicier at least when slow smoked.

These can go on the smoker or can be cooked slow and low on a charcoal or gas grill. The trick there is to heat only one side and put the meat on the cool side. Then, keep the lid closed and let the meat sizzle along slowly for about an hour up to an hour and a half.

I had some of the new Char-Broil Memphis rub that I'd been wanting to try out, so I rubbed the ribs up good with that and then put them on to smoke.

The ribs were great dry Memphis style, but I did sauce them after I tried out one with the rub. The sauce is also new in the Char-Broil line. I didn't take a picture of the bottle, because it was not labeled. When Tom was out to visit for me to test a new grill prototype, he brought the rub and sauce.

No. I don't work for Char-Broil or any other grill company or related. That's the main reason they wanted me to test out the new design. So, they'd have a neutral reaction to the idea. My day job is actually teaching, and I write online freelance and for fun.

In any case, the new Char-Broil sauce was really good too. It's a mild sauce but does have a lot of flavor. It's more robust than Kraft which we use too, but it's not real hot like some of the small brand lines which have to be ordered online.

The verdict from the guys was thumbs up all round on both the Char-Broil rub and sauce. There was enough flavor for the spice freaks and was mild enough for the younger son who runs when he hears the word hot. These would be good for company, because you never know who eats what and how hot.

While we were eating our country style ribs, we had a visitor who I think was wanting some ribs. My son went outside and got this picture of Mr. Frog. He did not get to come in, because the last time my son brought a frog in, he let it get loose and it croaked real loud under my bed all night.


Micah | Coffee Machines said...

Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.

Kathiey's World said...

looks really good. I like the frog too:-)

Peter - Coffee Beans said...

What a great dish you presents, very tempting!

Vishal | Coffee Machine said... word I'd like to say , yummylicious !!!! :D It looks simply delicious !! Mouth watering recipe !! :) lol :D