Monday, June 28, 2010

Light Your Fire with a Free Sam's Club Membership and $25 GC - Ends July 8, 2010

Yehaw! Feeling Lucky this 4th of July 2010?

I got some great news today. Nikki with Sam's Club emailed with an offer for a reader at Barbecue Master to win a Sam's Club membership for a year plus a $25 gift certificate on top of that.

Sweet! Low Prices are a Good Thing.

I don't have a membership at Sam's Club, because it takes me close an hour to get to the nearest one. But, I get a $25 gift certificate for a trip, and I will be looking for . . . drum roll . . . super prices on food to grill of course.

I've been to Sam's Club with my sister and with a friend once, and the prices are really nice. With the economy now, that is even more important. But, hey, I don't need to tell anyone that.

Win a Membership and Gift Certificate to Sam's Club!

I keep my contests simple and low tech. I don't see any reason to make folks jump through all sorts of hoops, and I don't keep a big email list and that sort of thing. My goal has always been to provide good information and help for home grillers.

If you leave a comment about your favorite food to grill or what you plan to grill for the 4th of July, 2010 here on my blog, you have an entry. Just be sure that I have some way to contact you like an email if you don't blog and have a link back to your space where I can get in touch.

If you're like my Mom who usually draws names out of the hat for contests at Barbecue Master (literally), then you may not like to put up any information online. In that case, then feel free to drop me an email at Then, I'll just add you to the hat and email if you are the winner. I don't put you on any lists and only share any information if you win, because then I need an address, so Sam's Club can send the prizes.

For a second entry (some folks like to up the odds), follow me on Twitter where I go by cyndiallison (-: Not too original. Just my name. You'll meet a lot of fabulous barbecue people if you join me at Twitter, and if you already follow me there, then add that to the post, so you get the extra entry.

For a triple entry, you can mow my yard. Hey, just kidding. It does need mowing, but I am waiting for this record breaking heat streak in North Carolina to break this week. The weatherman promised, so I'm holding him to that.

Feel free to pass the word to your friends and family about the Sam's Club contest. I know I'd be excited with a membership, but I suppose I'd have to move which is not in the cards right now.

The winner of the contest will be drawn on Thursday July 8th (9 pm EST) to end the 2010 4th of July week with a big bang and to start the next weekend off on a great note. Mom is off galavanting, so I'll get one of my little nieces or one of the church ladies to draw. Once I get ahold of the winner, I will post. So, GOOD LUCK! I hope I will be contacting YOU with good news.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the contest. I love to grill shish kabobs most of all. I like to do beef with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onions and pineapple chunks. I marinate them in Italian dressing. Everything turns out so tasty and it's very colorful. If the kids don't like a certain part (the green peppers for example), they can just pull them off the skewers and not eat that part.
I will be in upstate New York this 4th of July and expect that the family will grill hot dogs, burgers and serve with sides of Italian food! Happy 4th everyone.

Anonymous said...

Well here it is coming up July 4th, but for me up in Canada it will just be another day in the calendar , since my Countries Birthday is on July the 1st.... Canada Day. What will I be making, hmmm, good possibility that it will be Steaks but I may try my hand at a pulled pork, which I have yet to try.

And in case your wondering yes we do have Sams club up north of the border :)

Anonymous said...

I do steaks on the grill. :D The BEST.

Oh, and I already stalk you on Twitter. So, two entries for me, whoo hoo!!

And if you dont know how to get in touch with me, we've got problems.


Sam Dog BBQ said...

Looks like I'll be cooking for other folks this year. Pulled Pork, Red Slaw, Potato Salad, Cornbread Salad, and Baked Beans.

Unknown said...

Happy Holiday! On the 4th I will be slow roasting a venison roast which has been pegged with cloves and marinated over night in strong black coffee! It comes out so tender and none of the gamey taste. Hope you have a great w/e!
hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

I also follow you on twitter- hondaray6

aggie said...

follow on Twitter @localoba

aggie said...

I really don't much care for hot dogs but there is something about cooking them on a grill that makes them taste sooo good.

Independentmami said...

I am on a health kick. Walmart will have the corn on sale 10 for $1 and I will be grilled some corn on the cob, and shiskabobs with veggies.

Independentmami said...

I follow on twitter @independentmami

smokejumpers said...

Hi Cyndi. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the Sam's club contest. I've just become twitter savvy and have been following you for a month. I always look forward to your blog entries and tweets!

We are still working out our menu for the 4th but one thing for certain on the menu will be funnel cakes topped with grilled peach, kiwi, and strawberry topping. You know, for Kids!

P.S. I cut your grass last night - extra entry please! ;)

Karen Gros said...

Awesome contest! I love ribeyes on the grill with an appetizer of smoked bq'd sausage. You can reach me in lots of places...VP, Twitter (karenwritenow), AC...


hollywoodcom said...

Hi Cyndi, I like to do a brisket and some ribs in my smoker with cherry and hickory wood slow and low! Oh I also follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

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