Monday, October 04, 2010

My Favorite Mustard BBQ Sauce Sam Dog Now on the Market

Sam Dog BBQ Sauce on Chicken

A while back I was telling readers about Sam Dog BBQ sauce. Greg had sent me a home canned jar of his families mustard based barbecue sauce to see what I thought.

North Carolina is vinegar based barbecue sauce country, and I like lots of different sauces. Mustard is down in South Carolina, and I had always liked it okay. But, I'd never had one that knocked my socks off.

Sam Dog Mustard BBQ sauce made a believer out of me though. That is some heap good stuff. It's got that musturd twang, but it's more balanced and complex than other mustard sauces I've tried. Sam Dog has a little sweet flavor plus a nice quiet back bite. It's my top pick yellow mustard barbecue sauce.

I noticed on Twitter yesterday that Greg was rolling out his barbecue sauce. It takes a while to get all that paperwork done and approved. And, today Jeff shot me an email to tell me Same Dog is up and ready. He's on the market, so you can buy Sam Dog BBQ sauce now and see for yourself at Jeff's store.

You heard it first here probably, since Greg sent out a family jar (thanks!) (-: Sam Dog Yellow Dog barbecue sauce is a thumbs up, and now everyone else can check it out too.

Congratulations to Greg and to his family. It takes a huge amount of time and work to develop a great barbecue sauce and then even more time to jump through all the hoops to get it bottled. I'm glad folks do it though, because some of my all time favorite sauces are the small label ones. You can simply taste the heart in the ones that come right from the kitchen.


Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre said...

I second your motion.... Passed!

I agree with you Cyndi, I also had a home canned jar of the Yellow Dog Mustard sauce sent to my by Jeff to sample, and It is the best one I have tried as well, I know that I will be adding that to my grociery list in the near future.

I used the Sam Dog Yellow Dog and Sam Dog Pig Rub on a Bacon Bomb a while back, you can click on my name to see that post.
Great write-up Cyndi on a great product.

Chris said...

While I prefer North Carolina sauces, I really enjoy a mustard sauce with pulled pork for a change of pace. I'll have to try this one out.

Homedecropro said...

A mustard sauce sounds fantastic. Mustard and honey is a great combination.

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