Monday, April 04, 2011

The Duck-Rabbit Beer Review - Feels Like the Very First Time

Duck-Rabbit Dark Ale Beer Review

Duck-Rabbit beer is out of Farmville, North Carolina and one of the many micro brews we have in our state now that some laws were changed. When I was younger, we were a Bud, Busch, and Miller pony beer site. I'm glad we have variety now.

The Duck-Rabbit company goes with the dark beer theme. So, yes, it is something different from what you'd normally get around here and certainly not like our local top shelf beers (which are still the national brand names).

When I visited my son at UNC, I picked up a bottle of Duck-Rabbit in a mixed six at Whole Foods. That's a little more expensive than buying a full six, but I'd rather get a mix in case I'm not impressed with my beer pick.

In this case, my first thought was that The Duck-Rabbit reminded of the very first taste I had of beer. I took a swig and thought, "Whew boy, I don't know why anyone would want to drink this stuff." That's how this beer hit me, because it was stout and bitter.

I would not recommend Duck-Rabbit with barbecue, unless you love really super hot barbecue. Then, perhaps the strong flavors would balance out. Becuase, I can tell you this is not a meek beer - not one bit. I would eat something really bold with it though, because this is kind of like the Everclear of beers in flavor. STRONG! I sure can't imagine just sipping along, especially since the flavor gets fuller as the beer gets warmer.

The company talks about a lot of layers in this beer, and perhaps others can pick them up. To my way of thinking, it was more like asking: "OK. Do you remember when the freight train ran over you?"

This one is way too beery for me, but if that is what you are looking for, go for it. Try some hot wings or something with it. It would sure overpower most barbecue and certainly general grilled foods.

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