Friday, April 22, 2011

Man Cave Gourmet Black & Bleu Brats Slow Smoked on a Weber Bullet

Black & Bleu Brats from Man Cave

For lunch today, we had Black & Bleu brats from Man Cave. They sent me some of their gourmet meats to try out.

If you're not familiar with Man Cave, it's (dare I say?) kind of like Tupperware. The guys can have MEATings in their Man Caves and check out the latest grilling tools, bar gear, and unique food products like frog legs (one of my favorite foods). You can go to the Man Cave site and buy items, so if you're not the hang out type, or if you're female and just want to shop and surprise your grill guy, then that's another option.

Slow Smoke Gourmet Brats

We're smoking a pork butt today, so I decided to double duty the Weber bullet and have brats for lunch. With the Johnsonville brats, we simmer them in beer and butter and then grill them quickly like hot dogs. With the bleu cheese mixed in with the meat on the Black & Bleu brats, you need a low temperature and more time. We were around 250 degrees F, and I smoked the Man Cave brats for 15 minutes, turned them, and smoked the other side for 10 minutes.

The guys weren't huge fans I must say, but none of them like bleu cheese, so I wasn't surprised. I thought the brats were good, and the Coleman's mustard from England went perfect with them. It's a hotter mustard than most here in the United States. I like the Man Cave Tomato Basil brats the best, but I'd say big bleu cheese fans would vote on these. You can definately taste the cheese.

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