Thursday, August 04, 2011

Barbecue Sauce Experts Tell All (or most) on Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast

I joined a roundtable barbecue sauce discussion with Hot Sauce Weekly last night. Brian Meagher had emailed and invited me. I don't usually do the spotlight stuff, because I'm a bit shy in person or when microphoned. Plus, Brian mentioned Skype, and my computer is old, and my sound does not even work after I had my computer "fixed" three months ago. That cure ended up being worse than the virus it turned out I did not even have. Sigh.

Brian and his wife Marilyn who own Hot Sauce Weekly were so nice, and I knew the other barbecue sauce guys scheduled were top notch, so I decided to ignore that little voice in my head that said that I would forget what I wanted to say or would say something random and goofy on podcast to be forever online to haunt me.

The roundtable podcast turned out great. OK. I did blurt out that liquid smoke is like a breast implant job. You can tell the difference. But, you can. Or, I can. I love smoke, but a barbecue sauce does not need to have that fake stuff in there. Make a good sauce. I'll provide the smoke. That's just me.

Brian and Marilyn did a super job hosting the roundtable, and the guests were Larry Gaian (MOINK ball inventor), Brian Henderson (BBQ Sauce Reviews), and Wayne Brown (Big Wayner BBQ). These guys really know barbecue sauce. And, I know these guys online from barbecue circles and have met Wayne who lives about 45 minutes away.

Be sure to check out the Hot Sauce Weekly podcast. You will hear about some of the best barbecue sauces out there. I was familiar with most mentioned, but the guys tossed a few out that I'm going to have to check out. If a barbecue sauce rated a mention by sauce guys, then I know it has to be great.

The podcast also gives you an idea about how barbecue sauce reviewers operate. Just a heads up . . . we are all different. But, the thing we have in common is that we really love barbeuce and barbecue sauces.

Be sure to share you favorite barbecue sauces too. It's always great to find a new one that is terrific.

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Green Mountain Realty said...

We are big fans of the sauce too, there is a place here called 12 bones that makes their sauces and they are good, thanks for sharing.