Friday, August 26, 2011

Dizzy Pig - BBQ Rub Review - Excellent All Purpose Dizzy Dust

Dizzy Pig - Dizzy Dust All Purpose Barbecue Seasoning

Heather contacted me about trying out the Dizzy Pig line of barbecue rubs. I'd heard that they make really great rubs, so I was watching for the package to come in.

The package arrived, and the smell was fabulous. The Dizzy Dust All Purpose bottle and the sample packs of the other flavors were sealed up tight, but I still got that blast of "yum" smell.

Pork Chops Sprinkled with Dizzy Dust BBQ Rub

I decided to grill boneless pork chops, because they are quick and easy. Plus, I can really taste rubs or sauces and get the full effect with the chops which are very mild.

Some barbecue rubs are over the top on salt or heat or something, so I went light as you can see. I hate to tank a meal and end up breaking out a frozen pizza.

I should not have worried though . . .

Grilling Pork Chops Featuring Dizzy Dust by Dizzy Pig

Dizzy Pig uses all natural ingredients. They make these rubs fresh and with quality ingredients. And, it does make a difference.

The all purpose rub you see here is gluten free (and some of my family members can't eat gluten) and also has no MSG. It's also salt free which I thought might cut down on the flavor, but it didn't.

Even though I used a light hand seasoning my pork chops, the taste was just fabulous. The seasoning is robust on the one hand but not overpowering. I could easily see this barbecue seasoning being a "go to" for all types of meats, fish, potatoes, and vegetables. It just has an all round easy-on-the-mouth pop that made my pork chops rock even with a skimpy shake.

Next time I'll go heavier on Dizzy Pig. The barbecue mix is designed to crust on the meat with flavor. It did crust, but I would suggest shaking on more liberally. The best parts were the bites with the most Dizzy Dust.

I don't find many barbecue rubs that I go hog wild over. This is one that is spot on. A balanced and beautiful flavor. No strange flavor notes that push this one to the back of the cabinet. I can see why Dizzy Pig has won awards. It really is THAT GOOD. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Where can we get this rub?

CA said...

You can visit the Dizzy Pig web site where they have this and a whole collection of barbecue rubs -

Chris said...

This is THE rub brand used by Eggheads. If you get the chance, also try their Tsunami Spin, Jamaican Firewalk, and Raging River rubs. They are fantastic.

Heather Moore said...

Thank you Cyndi for writing about Dizzy Pig rubs. We love your blog!