Friday, March 30, 2012

Barbecue Master Makes Frugal Dad's Best Barbecue Blog List

Frugal Dad likes me. That's good, because he doesn't even know me. He just picked out what he considered the best barbecue blogs online, and he found me and put me on his list.

I do want to thank my fans, readers, and drop by visitors, because this outdoor cooking blog would not be find-able if you guys didn't check in to read my work and use my tips.

Barbecue Master was mentioned in the introduction of the top barecue blog lists as one that offers easy-to-follow information. That made me smile, because I started this blog to help family and friends who wanted grilling help and recipes that would be "no fail."

If you're new here, look around. You'll probably find what you need. If not, get in touch. Many of my posts come from my family and from visitors and questions they ask. If you're wondering how to do something on the grill, someone else probably is as well.

Check out Frugal Dad. He has a lot of great information (on all kinds of topics), and his barbecue blog pick list is really great. I'm not just saying that because he put me on there (-: I'm familiar with quite a few of the bloggers on the list, and Frugal Dad is spot on. I also found some new grilling blogs that I didn't know about, so I had fun with the top pick list too.

* Thanks to Big Wayner for sending me the badge HTML to get that graphic at the top. For some reason, I could not get that copied here on my computer, so he helped me out on that. Wayne made the Frugal Dad list too (rightfully so), and you'll enjoy Wayne's Barbecue Blog for sure.


Katrena said...

How nice to be recognized! You certainly deserve the recognition. You've put a lot of heart and soul into your blog and I personally can attest to your dedication to grilling!

Grill and Barbecue said...

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for a while and you totally deserve a place on that list.

john said...

Congratulations well earned great blog keep up the good work.