Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smokee Dee's Mahogany Red BBQ Sauce Reivew

Smokee Dee's Mahogany Red BBQ Sauce

Smokee Dee and I chat on FaceBook, and he was telling me that he had his BBQ sauce ready to bottle and had made up a basic label and wanted some feedback as his sauce hits the market. Since I review a lot of barbecue sauces and call it the way I see it, he said he'd send a bottle and see what we think around here.

The bottle of barbecue sauce came in safe and sound (packing glass can be tricky). The dark textured looking label was cool looking, although I don't know if Smokee is going to stick with that one or not. I shook the sauce around a little in the bottle, and it looked and felt like a North Carolina style sauce, although Smokee hails from Michigan.

 Chicken Strips Sauced up with Smokee Dee's BBQ Sauce

We hit the red meat hard this week, so I thought I'd do some boneless skinless chicken (easy to grill and healthy). With small pieces of chicken, I sauce them before grilling. With larger cuts of chicken or other meats, then I grill until close done and then add sauce for the last 10 to 15 minutes. Otherwise the sugars in the sauce may burn and not look or taste good.

Smokee had told me that he likes his barbecue sauce best on ribs or chicken, so I test drove one on his list. It helps to know what the sauce maker usually does with his sauce. I play around with loads of grill ideas, but I like to test grill on what the barbecue person had in mind.

When I poured on Smokee Dee's Mahogany Red, it was thicker than I'd thought. It's not thick like Texas style BBQ sauce, but it's not as thin as our North Carlina sauce. I'd say it hits right between those styles on thickness.

Grilling Chicken with Smokee Dee's BBQ Sauce

I ran the chicken over charcoal. It's more work, but I do love that charcoal grilled flavor. I grew up on that, so it always reminds me of family and fun.

The chicken was smelling great. It has a sweet smell but some hints of heat. It's hard to tell for sure, so that's why I always grill for my reviews. The real proof is in how a sauce grills up.

 Chicken Hot Off the Grill with Smokee Dee's

The chicken turned out great. Smokee Dee's does have a rich, sweet flavor just like I picked up when I was grilling. There's some heat there (you can see the pepper seeds in the sauce), but it was in the mild to medium range, so I would not hesitate to serve Smokee's barbecue sauce to a mix of family and friends. I'm a heat lover, but others are not. So, I test drive first and grill with a nice balanced sauce like Smokee's or else do two batches and make sure people know which bowl or plate is the tongue burner.

Smokee did tell me that his barbecue sauce is good with a zippy rub. But, I don't mix flavors on a test grill. I could see using various rubs (and I have a lot of those) to adjust as far as heat.

My conclusion on Smokee Dee's Mahogany Red is thumbs up for a yummy barbecue sauce that could be used for any occasion or group. It was really good on the chicken, and I could picture the flavor on ribs and think that would rock. It's thick enough to get that nice sticky style for the chicken or for the ribs, and I have the sticky fingers to prove it.

Nice job Smokee and all the best with your new sauce. People need to try out small batch sauces to see what they are missing out on. You can't get these kinds of comlex flavors in the mass produced BBQ sauces in the store. Smokee Dee is on Facebook, and I'll check and see if there are other ways to get in touch and try out his barbecue sauce.


Roger Mogg said...

I have tried one of Smokee Dee's rubs, so I know he has a rockin' palate. So having said that, I have no doubt that the sauce is every bit as good as described. I am hoping to try it myself soon, also.

Roger Mogg
Smoky River BBQ

Chris said...

I agree with you, how a sauce tastes from the bottle compared to "cooked on" can vary greatly. This sounds like a good one.