Monday, July 01, 2013

How to Make a Pulled Pork Club Sandwich with Ham, Cheese, and Pickles

Pulled Pork Club Sandwich (photo by Eli Wittum)

With a small family now, we have a lot of pork when we smoke a pork butt (the upper part of the shoulder). With several pounds of meat, I must confess we often get burned out before we finish it all.

My son was watching his favorite news channel for the weather when he saw Chef Danny making up sandwiches. Chef Danny is an indoor cook, but Eli thought he could do something similar outside with some chopped pork in the refrigerator.

Putting Together a Pork Club Sandwich

Eli got aluminum foil and made packs for each sandwich.

Above you can see that he has slathered bagels with spicy mustard and put pulled pork on the bottom bun and provolone cheese (his favorite) on top.

Add the Ham and Pickles

Eli then added thin sliced ham and a Vlasic Country Style pickle to finish off the smoked pork club sandwich.

He put the sandwich together and wrapped each in aluminum foil (or tin foil as we say in the South) and put the packs on our tailgate gas grill for around 8 to 10 minutes. Everything is cooked, so the sandwiches just need to be heated through with the cheese nice and melty.

Dinner is Ready - And We've Got a Whole New Spin on Our Pulled Pork

I can't begin to say how delicious these sandwiches tasted. The balance of the smoked pork, ham, cheese and pickles was just spot on. The little kick of mustard was also just right with this combination.

If you have extra pulled or chopped pork and want something different after a day or two of straight up pork sandwiches on a white bread bun, then I can tell that this is a wonderful way to dress up the pork leftovers and have something that tastes totally different and absolutely fabulous.

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Chris said...

We make something very similar to this using Blues Hog mustard sauce and call it "BBQueban" since it is essentially a Cuban sandwich.

The bagels are a great touch, a lot of texture for a hearty sandwich. Nice job!