Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blaze 21 Grill Grate Cleaning Brush Review - Nice Quality Grill Brush

Ugh! Dirty Grill Grates are No Fun

I love to grill, but cleaning grates is not such a good time. Since I use a lot of marinades and sauces, I end up doing a lot of grill cleaning.

Finding good grill grate brushes has been a challenge. Some don't last more than one of two cleanings, and that gets expensive.

John Fazio, owner of Flameria which is a new barbecue tool company, sent an email and asked if I'd like to try out his grill brush - Blaze 21 now at Amazon. I like working with new companies. They often have some of the very best stuff. I'd told him I'd be glad to give it a try, so he sent me out a free brush.

Blaze 21 Grill Brush

When the package arrived, my O Grill needed cleaned up as you can see. So, I opened up the package and got to work.

I heated the grill first, since we were ready to grill immediately. Sometimes I pull them cold and use Goo Gone grill cleaner. That works well too.

The handle on the Blaze is 21 inches long, so that made it easy to use on a heated grill. It was very sturdy and took the ick right off. With the groves here, I turned the brush sideways and got between the grooves too. That was a good idea to have the bristles up the sides as well.

Much Cleaner Grill Grate

As you can see, the Blaze 21 grill brush worked very well. There are a few spots I could touch up. I only cleaned about three minutes here, so if I wasn't in a hurry to get a meal on, I could have this grate looking brand new with this grill brush.

I can't say how this (or any other grill cleaning brush) will hold up long term. I can say that the Blaze 21 bristles did not mash down like some I've used. And, I was brushing hard to get this grate ready for some grilled chicken. It is definitely better in terms of quality than most I've tried.


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