Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bacon Weave Pork Loin on Electric Patio Bistro by Char-Broil

My plans tonight were to smoke a half pork loin wrapped in bacon. I cut pork loins in half when it's just me and the boys, and that works out fine.

Since the cat was not acting right, and I thought he better go see the vet, we did that first. The news was bad. They had to put down Sugar who has been with us 16 years. What a bummer.

I didn't feel much like smoking or eating for that matter, but we needed something for dinner, and the meat was all thawed out.

The Char-Broil electric Patio Bistro had been real easy to use yesterday, so I thought I'd do our loin on there and not have to bank charcoal or watch temperatures close. Good call. It was easy to do my little bacon wrapped pork loin, and I was thankful.

I did a bacon weave on the pork loin and then heated up the Char-Broil Bistro. Then I had a brain fart and unplugged it for some reason. So, you can make mistakes and still turn out good food. Stuff happens.

Anyway, we ended up eating late, since I waited 45 minutes to check my pork loin that was not grilling due to me pulling the plug. So, I turned it back on and went another 45 minutes and then checked every 10 minutes after that with a basic food thermometer until we hit right under 160 degrees F. You can go lower, but the boys don't much like pork loin to look pink, so I cook it more towards well.

I also sauced the grilled pork loin the last 20 minutes with Chef Matt Barbecue sauce which is one of my all timve favorite bbq sauces. I order that online, and it has to be PayPal for payment, but it's worth the effort for sure.

The electric grilled pork loin turned out really good and was real easy to do on the Patio Bistro by Char-Broil. I had some Baxter's wood chunks on the grates to give a little smoke flavor and with the bacon and barbecue sauce, this was a kicking loin.


M Hastings said...

Looks delicious!

My condolences on the loss of Sugar. :(

Wilfred Reinke aka Oshawa Ogre said...

looks yummy, and looks like a good grill for an option to gas or coals