Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fork It Over - One of my Favorite BBQ Accessories

Tom from Char-Broil who came out this week so we could test a new prototype grill was impressed with my Fork It Over. It really is a great barbecue tool and one of my all time favorites.

I put one of my dinner forks beside it, so you could really get an idea on the size. This is one heap big fork and also well made and sturdy. And, Fork It Over comes in handy for a lot of stuff.

Get a piece of chicken at the back of a gas grill where it is hard to get to, and you can pull it out with this barbecue fork and not burn the hair off your arms. It's also great when working with bigger cuts of meat like shoulders.

We use Fork It Over for a lot of stuff like turning these smoker grill bags that add smoke taste to your food and can be used on the grill or in the oven. Then, Fork It Over came in handy for opening the package of smoked grilled fish when dinner was done.

I've had Fork It Over so long that I forgot where I came across it. And, it's had a lot of use, and the top photo was taken today, so you can see it holds up well too. I could almost pass that one off as new - not that I would do that.

I loved this barbecue fork enough that I put that on my wish list at OpenSky, and they got it for my Barbecue Store, so you can pick up a Fork It Over or get one for your favorite barbecue guy or girl.

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