Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sneak Peak at Grill of the Future with Tom from Char-Broil

Tom from Char-Broil drove out today, so I could test out a new grill they are looking at for the future. The company wanted a good down-to-earth griller with experience and big opinions (I guess), so they asked if I'd like to test drive this new one with a full day grill-a-thon.

First, let me say that Tom is a great guy and that testing a new grill is fun. And, then second, let me say: Whoa buddy I am full enough to pop. And I only took nibbles of all that food we grilled. I could not do this often without being a super fluffy chick. Even the boys maxed out, and that is unusual for teen boys.

Well, you can see the guys here chowing down, and I had to clear the table a couple of times just to have room for more grilled food. The table is a six footer in case anyone was wondering. Yeah. We had gear on there too, but this was a feast that ran several hours.

We started with nacho chips. Never grilled those? Neither had Tom. They are super easy and quick, and here is the Nachos on the Grill recipe. I bet the other guys at Char-Broil are gonna love them too.

We grilled so many foods that I can't recall them all, but we had chicken tenders, pizza, Lit'l smokies, and cake for a few.

I also got to try out the new Char-Broil barbecue sauces. They have a tomato and a mustard based sauce just out on the market. Plus, they have a Char-Broil rub, but we did not get to that. I have a bottle Tom gave me, so I'll give that a try and let folks know on it too.

Well - here we are the partners in crime (me and Tom) - or the crime of grilling more than a body ought to eat in a week. What fun! But, I am doing salads or something the rest of the weekend . . . maybe (-:

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