Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Beers and Other Beverages to Drink with Barbecue and Grilled Foods

Future Frat Guy I'm Thinking

We'll have to wait a few years, but this little fellow looks like he could help me knock back and rank beverages that go down well with barbecue or food off the grill.

In the meantime, I'm taking a look at some of our micro beers here in North Carolina and imported from around the United States. Some of the spirits are supposed to be from overseas, but I'm not convinced that is the case, since I lived overseas. Beer does not taste the same in other countries regardless of what the label may say. Get an Amstel in Greece, and you will know what I'm talking about.

First, let me say that barbecue and grilled foods don't tend to be fancy. Now, you can go gourmet, but most people don't. So, I am tell you that Busch, Budweiser, and Miller are just dandy at your barbecue bash.

There is one rule though. Or, this is the rule in Virginia anyways:

Don't Even Think About It - Braking is Just Wrong

Around here, we have a few other little tips that should be kept in mind especially if you want to get invited back to a barbecue shindig.

Some Things Go In the Toilet. Other Things Do Not. Take Note.

If You Can't Play Nice, Please Gather Your Toys and Go Home!

Now that we have all that straight, I'll share some of my thoughts on the micro brews I've been checking out. I'll keep adding to the list, but don't expect it to grow very fast. Corona is as exotic as it gets here in town, so I have to road trip to find anything a little different.

Cyndi's Beer List for Barbecues and Other Throw Downs (alphabetical order)

Angry Angel German Style - This Kolsch inspired German type beer has a little citrus kick and is smooth and easy to drink. Nice compliment to food off the grill. 4 stars

Duck-Rabbit Dark Ale Beer
This is one of our local North Carolina made beers, and WHEW BOY, it's a beer. Very strong taste. I'd not serve this one with barbecue, unless you make super hot barbecue. 1 star

Seven Sisters Abbey Style Ale - Out of the ballpark. This is a smooth ale that does not overpower the barbecue. Next time I'm in Chapel Hill I'll get a 6 pack of this one. I just got one bottle before and shared it. This is a winner. 5 stars

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale - Good golly Miss Molly. This was really bad. I think it might perhaps best be used to blast away the hard water ring stain in the toilet. 0 stars

Wildflower Witbier - You'll have to look down at the bottom of the Emma Key's restaurant review to get the scoop on this one. It was interesting and did taste like flowers or perhaps perfume. I don't see serving this one up to the barbecue boys though. Just not very manly to say the least. 3 stars

Bless Our Local Boys. They are Angels as you Can Clearly See.

Certainly don't feel duty bound to serve beer or any spirits at your barbecue party or grill out. You do not want to corrupt our local sweethearts. Most of the North Carolina barbecue joints don't even have beer on the menu. You typically have to hit a home pig pickin' out in the country for beer with barbecue. Then, it may be in a cooler hidden away from Grandma and other teetotalers.

Sweet tea goes down great with barbecue or at a grill party, but my number one pick for a barbecue beverage would be Cheerwine which is a soft drink made right here in Salisbury, North Carolina. That's a rocking great soda pop and goes down perfect with pork barbecue.


Unknown said...

Love You Mom, and great post! Cheerwine and seven sisters are definitely my favorites

Chris said...

LMAO over the signage. Cheerwine just become available here in East TN.

CA said...

Glad you liked my funny drinking signs photos.

Cheerwine is planning to go nationawide by 1017 which will the 100th year for the company which is still family owned and for five generations.

CA said...

Oops. That's Cheerwine by 2017 and not 1017. We already went by that date by a long shot.