Monday, March 14, 2011

Buy a Pepper Grinder - Fresh Ground Pepper Really Jazzes Up Grilled Foods

Arta Mezzo Pepper Grinder - Great Size for Grillers

My son got me a birthday gift certificate for Southern Season in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He got me candy too, but he said he REALLY wanted me to get to see this fabulous high end gourmet and kitchen store. It's not like we have places like that around here. We can, however, get fishing worms or crickets at the community store for fish bait. Perhaps I should not brag about that (-:

A Southern Season - Gourmet Kitchen Store in Chapel Hill

Southern Season is a foodie and kitchen gadget heaven for sure. I could have spent all day, but guys don't like to shop all that much (or my guys don't). So, I went straight for the barbecue section where they had a whole isle of barbecue marinades and sauces and on the other side - hot sauces of all types.

Note also that Southern Season has a North Carolina section (pretty close the barbecue isle), and they have more barbecue items there that are made in North Carolina. Don't want anyone to miss anything.

Then - The Lavender Pepper Mill Caught My Eye - Ut Oh

I thought I was ready to check out when I saw the pepper mill. It was not just any old pepper mill. I have those - annoying ones that don't have work I might add. This pepper grinder was little (about 5 inches tall), and the accents were lavender. So cute. I am a sucker for lavender. And, this Mezzo pepper grinder was just calling my name. You can also get it at Amazon (I looked it up). Amazon doesn't much like North Carolina, because we tax the heck out of them (or tried to) and everyone else.

I tried to walk on by, but I was thinking it would be nice to have a small pepper grinder, since I don't have loads of grill working space. A small pepper grinder would be just the ticket when grilling. I quickly talked myself into it. After all, fresh ground pepper is so much better on grilled food than the pepper dust in a can.

I'm glad I got the lavender pepper mill, and I am now thinking I really should paint my kitchen lavender to match. That won't go too well with my yellow and green theme, but oh well. I can't very well go painting the brick porch. Well, I could. But, I'm too lazy to get stuck having to paint bricks. No. Bricks should be left alone.

The Mezzo pepper mill works great. The grind is medium which is what I like. It really adds some flavor pop to my grilled foods, and it's small enough to carry out an keep next to the grill. Yes. I'll have to fill it up more often, but I'm fine with that.

Will Check Back in Once I Give This Pepper Grinder a Good Work Out

My experience is that the grinding mechanisms on pepper mills don't hold up real well. I had one with a lifetime guarantee that worked for about six months. So, I honestly can't tell you how the grinder parts will hold up on this pepper mill. It only ran $13 (very nice at a high end store), so I'll check back in later. I'm big on pepper and especially fresh ground, so this pepper mill will definitely get a work out around here.

Thanks for the gift certificate to Southern Season Caleb. I had a fabulous time, and I love my little lavender pepper mill and the new barbecue marinades and sauces. The best part was getting to hang out with my kid-o.

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