Monday, March 07, 2011

Grill Wok Chicken on the Char Broil Urban Grill

Getting Ready to Grill Chicken and Vegetables in a Grill Wok

I had some chicken thawed out and decided to grill wok that with some vegetables. My son put on some rice while I marinated the chicken, green peppers, and onions and fired up the Char Broil Urban Grill.

You can use any type of oil to marinate chicken and vegetables to wok cook on the grill. Today I was using Garlic Gold, since that is one of my favorites. It's olive oil infused with organic garlic. Really great stuff.

My college son (not the younger one) loves spicy food, so I broke out the Too Hot for Momma. Gary sent me that, and I'm been chomping at the bit to try it but was waiting for another hot fan to be around to enjoy some heat. This was a free product to try out (no strings), and I'm a huge fan or the original Gary's seasoning blend.

Loading up the Grill Wok with Chicken and Vegetables

After letting the grill heat up (important), I sprayed the grill wok with a little Pam non stick spray, put it on the grill and let it heat a couple of minutes, and then I added the chicken chunks (quarter size bites) plus the vegetables - also cut in bite sized pieces.

Every minute of so I'd use a spatula (large spoon would be fine as well) and stirred quickly so that the chicken and veggies would cook evenly.

Grilled Bread on the Side

We love our bread around here, so I put some Texas Toast on beside the grill wok. It's super easy to grill Texas Toast.

Yum! Grilled Dinner in Less Than a Half Hour

It took about 15 to 20 minutes to grill wok the chicken and vegetables and to finish off the grilled bread which takes only a couple of minutes.

Time to Dig In

Caleb had the rice ready, and I plated up our grilled chicken and vegetables with grilled Texas Toast. I especially liked the little extra kick with Gary's Too Hot for Momma, and NO it was not too hot for this Momma.

The meal was a as good as it looks. Trust me. I'd tell you if it wasn't. I hate to waste my food and time. This is a real easy and very tasty meal. It's also inexpensive if you look for the boneless chicken breasts on sale. I used about $1/worth of meat for this meal. Can't beat that.


Unknown said...

My gosh! This looks like an amazing meal! Perfect for those of us on a budget and looking to eat a bit healthy! How are you liking your Char-Broil Urban Infrared grill? I love the one I have at the house! So quick and easy!

CA said...

Yes. It was a very low cost grilled meal but tasted like a million bucks. Can't wait for the garden vegetables to come in. Then, this meal will be super inexpensive.

The Char-Broil Urban grill is perfect for our family - 3 to 4 most nights. I like how the side work tables fold down. A real space saver but areas to work.

For bigger groups I go with a bigger grill or smoker, but Urban Char-Broil has turned out to be a favorite for family night grilling.