Tuesday, June 07, 2011

C-Dub's Barbecue Rub - Review

Grilled Pork Loin with C-Dub's BBQ Rub

I found a really pretty pork loin at Food Lion and decided to smoke it for dinner. After looking through my barbecue rubs, I decided to go with C-Dub's. It's a mild but very tasty all--purpose rub that can be used in dishes like beans or chili as well as rubbed on meat.

I found out about C-Dub's through Facebook where I have a lot of friends that go wild for barbecue. Charles and Allegra sent me some samples. The wing rub was too hot for my family, but I'd recommend it for those who love lots of heat. The rub, on the other hand, is not a heat product. It has a blend of traditional rub ingredients like sugar, salt and pepper plus herbs. There are no additives. It's a natural rub family made.

We had tried C-Dub's on beef ribs. It was good, but I liked it even better on the pork loin. The pork did not overpower the lovely blend of spices, and the spices did not cancel out the nice flavor of the smoked pork. It was just spot on.

I would highly recommend C-Dub's regular barbecue rub for the more delicately flavored meats like pork and chicken. It's fine on beef too, but you'd want to rub it on heavier with bolder meats.

Another thing I would note is the wonderful color. This is one of the prettiest pork loins I've smoked thanks to the rub. Outdoor food isn't all about the presentation, but I really do enjoy making something the comes out so pretty. With the really balanced but mild flavor, this is a rub that can be used for any family or group gathering.

The C-Dub's have a sense of humor too. The package says "Get Naked." My son laughed about that. I wouldn't suggest that while grilling or smoking, but hey perhaps that works for after something delicious grilled up with C-Dub's rub.


Allegra and Charles said...

Thanks Cyndi! What a surprise to see the blog! It does look pretty too! I wish we lived closer! LOL! Thank you for your kind words! Allegra

Jeff Gordon Parker said...

That Looks Soooooo Good!

I'm going to need a new bottle of C-Dub's very soon!