Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Grill Fire Starter - Never Buy Lighter Fluid Again

Green Grill - Eco Friendly Fire Starters That Really Work

The most impressive thing about my grill out tonight was Green Grill which is a environmental friendly fire starting product produced by RJR Global LLC.

Tori emailed to ask if I'd like a free sample, since Green Grill (fire starter) is currently available only in Texas (which is a long drive from here). I don't use lighter fluid, since it gives grilled food an off taste and also isn't all that safe (kaboom - I did that once). Generally, I use a charcoal chimney starter, but it's kind of bulky to carry when tailgating or camping. I've tried a number of fire starters previously, but most end up falling pretty short. I'm always hopeful and will try out new products, but I don't get my hopes up.

In this case, Green Grill Fire Starters impressed the heck out of me. The directions say to use one of two, and I decided to start with one and see how that worked. Like a charm. This new fire starting product is so easy to use, and I had a perfect fire going in no time.

Green Grill Fire Starter with Charcoal Pyramid

I got one of the Green Grill starters out. It's about 4 inches long and around 3/4 inches wide. It looks and feels kind of like a hospital bandage wrap coated in parafin (wax).

The directions said to pyramid the charcoal. If you were in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you know what that means. You need to kind of build a little tent or house with the charcoal. Here I'm using coconut charcoal which is super easy to stack, but other types of charcoal would be easy as well. You just want to leave an open space in the middle - kind of like a little mini fireplace.

Lighting the Green Grill Fire Starter

I only built part of my fire pyramid to start with, because I wanted to see what Green Grill was doing in there. I was hoping it did not burn too hot or fast, because my plan was to complete the pyramid after I lit the fire starter.

This approach worked out fine, although I could have built the whole pyramid and done the lighting from the outside. Green Grill starter does burn slow and smooth. It was no problem to continue to build after I set it on fire.

One Light - And That Did the Trick

I watched Green Grill for a couple of minutes to be sure that it was burning and getting the charcoal started. No issues at all. I just stood there. Then, I went inside and made up a potato and onion pack to grill. That took around 15 minutes, and the charcoal was burning well when I went back out.

At this point, I spread the charcoal around (with a stick) and then added a few more coconut charcoals. The smaller pyramid would be fine for many food items, but I knew the potato pack would need to be over the fire (with the lid closed) around 45 minutes.

Check Out my Charcoal Started with Green Grill

When the tin foil potato pack was close done, I opened the grill lid and had nice hot charcoal - just perfect to quickly grill pork chops.

I was really impressed with Green Grill fire starters. They are made of natural products and don't have any odor at all. They are super easy to use. It only took one BIC flick to light the Green Grill, and it burned nice and slow so that the charcoal actually did start up and stay going and with only one piece of Green Grill.

Look for Green Grill fire starters at HEB Central Markets in south Texas and at HEB's Mi Tienda in Houston. You can read up about the fire starters at the My Green Grill and if you sell grilling products, then the company does hope to expand and get the product more widely available.

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