Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Pre-Made Burgers for Grilling -

We Got Burgers Italian Patties Grilled

We grilled up some gourmet Italian burgers with These are quality pre-made hamburgers out of California made by Frank.

Yes. I'm in North Carolina, so you may wonder how I'm getting California hamburgers. We Got Burgers ships across the United States. I wasn't so sure about this whole idea until I tried it several years back. I really couldn't imagine meat coming to my front door, but it works out fine - at least with the companies I've tried.

Frank sent the burgers out packed in a cooler with dry ice packs. They arrived totally frozen and in perfect condition. Each pack comes in a box with four burgers per box.

Here you can see a box of This one is the Italian flavor.

Out of the box, you can see that these are generous half pound burgers. They are not skimpy. That's for sure. And, there is very little shrinkage.

I grilled the burgers on a Char-Broil Urban grill which is a small balcony sized grill that I really love. It's infrared and heats up fast and does a great job on burgers.

There are a variety of gourmet burgers in Frank's We Got Burgers line, and he adds new ones (so keep watching). The Italian is kind of spicy (but not real hot). My older son said it was kind of like a zesty meatball taste. We served them up plain on buns to check out the flavor. I'd probably go with an Italian theme on toppings next time to compliment the Italian flavor - perhaps a zippy tomato topping and some Italian cheese.

Generally I hand pat my burgers, but there are times when I'm feeding a larger group or when I'm wiped out and like to have burgers I can just put on the barbecue grill. I've tried a few local ready made burgers, but they were very disappointing I'm sorry to say. By going online I am able to get some pre-made burgers that actually have flavor and taste great.

The Italian flavored burger is unique, so don't expect a traditional burger taste. This is a gourmet burger to get if you want something different. If you want a more traditional burger taste, then try the bacon cheddar. My favorite of the is the teriyaki pineapple though. I guess it's kind of different as well, but I sure love the pineapple in with the meat. That one just really stands out for me.

If you've wondered about ordering burgers online, then I can tell you that it can be expensive especially if you order from quite a distance. You can imagine that they have to ship fast and pack well. We Got Burgers certainly delivered on delivery as well as quality. They have easy-to-grill burgers in a variety of flavors and have a variety pack if you want to test drive various flavors. If you want to splurge on a treat and have a special but super easy grilled meal, then you can't go wrong with the Burger Man's gourmet hamburgers.

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