Thursday, June 22, 2006

Barbecue Ribs on the Grill or Smoker

It's hard to beat ribs on the grill. They do take longer to cook, but they're worth the extra time.

These are baby back pork ribs. We also do beef ribs. Those take a little longer to smoke, since they are bigger.

The key to tasty fall-off-the-bone ribs is to cook slow. I wrote up specific directions at Garden and Hearth, since I know a lot of people have trouble getting ribs right.

Another tip is to use a rib rack. You'll see two ribs cooking here, but our rack actually holds four ribs at one time. Two ribs feed a family of four. When we have company we toss on extra ribs. Sometimes we cook extra and freeze. Smoked ribs are just as good (if not better) reheated.

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