Friday, June 23, 2006

Barbecue Wash Out - Record Lightning Here

My town does not make the news very often. We only have a little over 800 people living here, so it's not like this is a place where the news crews hang out. Our "little hamlet" did get some notice this evening, because two storms converged right over town. The rain is still coming down, and the lightning count for hits here is right near 1000 with hits still coming in. In addition to the lightning, we have hail and high winds.

Of course, we planned to grill this evening. Our plan was to have pork chops. I don't hear many people talk about doing pork chops on the grill, but they really are good. I have directions for doing pork chops at my micro Garden and Hearth site. If you've never tried pork chops, give them a whirl.

Of course we didn't put pork chops on the grill in this storm. We will grill in the snow but not in a lightning storm. None of us have a death wish. Cold is one thing. Electricity is another.

It's very southern to always have a quick and easy back up plan. When it comes to pork chops, there are many ways to cook them up. A southern favorite is to brown them lightly in a bit of oil. Add a can of Campbell's soup (mushroom is especially good) and about half a can of water. Put the lid on the frying pan. Let the pork chops simmer for a half hour on low or so. If the soup gravy is looking too thick, add a little water. If it's too thin, cook a little longer. You can take the lid off and turn up the heat if you need to thicken.

For other southern dishes, see my Southern Cooking space at G&H of my Southern Cuisine space at Suite 101.

My most recent southern recipe is Fried Green Tomatoes. I think a lot of people think that's just a name of a movie, but folks in the south really do pick tomatoes early and fry them up green. I won't swear you'll like them. They are kind of tart. I've found that either people love them or hate them. If you've never tried them, check them out and see what you think.

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