Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We're wet. We're Cold. And, Mom is Dancing in the Mud.

Guys. Gotta love 'em. But when they're done, they're done. After almost two hours in the rain, they were ready to pack it in and go. Geez. And, I was just getting started.

The next Jimmy Buffett concert we go to, I'll bet will be indoors. My fellows do not dance in the mud and do not crawl under tarps with strangers. I had to peek out now and then--just to check. And, above you see my body guards. They do not look too friendly huh? And, my oldest (and very conservative) son gave me the sign.

OK. I so missed "Fins." I had to "hands to the left" and "hands to the right" in the parking lot on the way out. Then I took the fan Buffett shirt and jerked off my wet one and rode home nice and toasty. Hey, the guys turned the dry shirt down. There are times to be nice and times to grab the shirt and smile nicely (especially when wearing a nice sports bra). I waited. Then, I jumped right on the dry Buffett t-shirt. I am not a dummy.

That's our wild weekend. Next one will surely be our typical. We'll grill and be very model citizens. If it rains, we'll go inside.

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