Monday, June 16, 2008

Barbecue Luau - Graduation Party for My Son

My Brother Found Some Real Cool Luau Decorations Up in Dayton, Ohio.

Here's a Wide Shot of the Luau Barbecue As Things Are Starting to Crank Up.

I Told My Son He Could Lei Everhyone, Since It Was His Big Day.

The Big Kids Like The Kiddie Pool Too.

My Aunt Decided to Be a Swinger at the Barbecue Luau.

I was up and about around 6:30 a.m. - marinating hamburgers, making dip, and getting things together. We kept the menu simple - burgers, hot dogs, grilled pineapple and then a lot of finger foods, but it still took some juggling to get everything ready by lunch time.

My brother came over and got things decorated. He had all kinds of great blow up toys with tropical themes and garlands plus the poster pictured above. I got some leis from Oriental Trading Company as well as those little umbrella picks to stick in the cheese and rub on glitter tattoos.

The kids had fun playing basketball, splashing in the wader pool, and shooting each other with water guns. They also made bubbles with some big wands from Wal-Mart and with flyswatters. If you dip the old type flyswatters in the bubble stuff, you can make millions of tiny bubbles. Everyone thought that was cool.


Unknown said...

A perfect addition in the future for picnics and more would be a BBQ Banner from ShindigZ. You can personalize the message and hang it near the patio!

CA said...

I checked that out. Great idea. The banners look nice. Fun!