Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Food and Fun at Our Barbecue Luau

We Had Three Grills Going at the Luau

Mom Grills the Burgers and Hot Dogs

Dad Checks the Grilled Hash Browns

Time to Eat - YUM!

Our group size was medium for the barbecue luau. A pig would have been too much. I decided to keep it simple and go with my great grilled burgers and Ball Park hot dogs. Good thing. Mom got sick and landed in the hospital up until the day before the party, and the doctor really wanted to keep her a couple of more days.

We fired up the big grill for the hamburgers and hot dogs and also had two travel grills for the grilled hash browns and the grilled fresh pineapple (although the pineapple ended up on the big grill).

For side dishes, we had a pasta salad (made by an aunt), chips, cheese, beef roll ups, gold fish crackers, and cookies.

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