Sunday, June 29, 2008

Honoring the Military at Church Today

Flags for Each Branch of the Military and for POW/MIA

Candles for Each Branch of Service and One for Family Members

We honor military members (active and retired) each year on the Sunday before the 4th of July.

The preacher did a really great job on the service.

He had members from each branch come up front with one military member designated to light the candle for the group. The organist played the song related to each branch.

Representing the families of military members (present and past) was a couple from the church with two sons in service. We all watched the boys grow up, and it's still hard to imagine them overseas fighting. We just pray that they come home safe - and all other young men and women serving the country.

One special part of the service was a song by the preacher. He has kind of a bluegrass sound and sings without music. I've always loved his singing. I think he's getting short of air, but he did the song very proud today. I was glad he did his song.

After the service, we had a cook out. My Dad always did the grilling for the military honor service. But, he died two years ago in a wreck out on I77. He served also in the Navy so was always honored at the service. This year Mom and I stood as family members. That's kind of hard, but it's nice to have the service and the cook out is always fun. Just wish Dad was still there to enjoy it all.

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