Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Got to Spring Mom Just in Time for the Luau

Flowers From Ellen and Bob Cheered Mom Up

Mom and Her Sister Check Out the Pink Flamingo

Looks Like My Niece Tried to Pick My Mom's Nose

Mom Enjoys Her First Day Out of the Hospital

Mom went to the doctor on Tuesday last week, and he put her right in the hospital. Bummer! She was not happy about that, but she was feeling too bad to argue about it.

It didn't look like Mom would make the graduation barbecue, but the doctor cut her loose on Friday morning. He said he didn't want her to miss out on all the fun. Nice guy! He also looked like a young Tom Cruise. That was another plus.

When they said Mom could head home, I jammed everything in the suitcase and ran and got the truck. Had her on the road and home in nothing flat.

Mom said maybe we shouldn't let the doctors see her party pictures. He might think she had too much fun. She did rest though. And ate half a grilled hot dog after a week of broth and Jell-O.

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