Friday, July 25, 2008

Day Trip to Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke from the Ferry Coming in From Cedar Island

Smallest Lighthouse at Around 75 Feet on Ocracoke Island

You Feel Like You Have Your Own Private Beach on Ocracoke

Waves Crashing on the Beach at Ocracoke Island, NC

Ocracoke Island is the bottom island on the string of outer bank islands in North Carolina. The only way to visit is by ferry - either from Hatteras or from Cedar Island.

Ocracoke is one of the prettiest places I've ever been. Most of the island is protected land and very natural. The little village coming in from Cedar Island is beautiful. The whole island looks like something you'd see in a book, but it's real.

We thought about staying on Ocracoke Island, but it's pretty expensive. We saved a lot by getting a cottage on Cedar Island and taking the ferry over. That ferry ride is 2.5 hours. The view is great. We did take Scrabble, because the boys get bored with a ride that long. Scrabble passed the time. They have air conditioned rooms with tables and with windows, so you can still see the view while playing board games.

Ocracoke beach is remote, so we packed a picnic to take with us. We use a Coleman thermoelectric cooler/heater on the road and a Coleman Extreme for beach trips. There are a lot of nice restaurants on the island as well. We especially like the Jolly Roger on the water.

After walking around the village and getting smoothies and playing all afternoon on the beach, we headed back to Cedar Island, grilled dinner and went to bed.


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